Paddy cultivation through the SRI Technique

Mr. Aghan Singh an old farmer from Sonpuri village was initially doing only paddy cropping in 2 acres of his land once in a year for livelihood. Annual income was onlyRs. 36000/-. In the year 2020-21, under the guidance of our field team and Balco’s support, he cultivated paddy by SRI technique and wheat cultivation was also started as a second crop for the first time. By field team, regular support was provided to him for SRI technique and wheat cultivation. The team orientated and trained the farmer for SRI and wheat cultivation. Soil testing of his land was also conducted to understand the fertility of the soil and selection of right kind of fertilizers. He was supported with inputs for cropping like seeds and fertilizers and fencing of the land to protect the crops from wild animal’s attacks. The Impact due to the advanced technique of paddy cultivation through the SRI technique, the production of the paddy has reached from 11 quintal per acre to 17.5 quintal per acre. He produced 35 Quintals of SRI paddy from 2 acres of land with a gross revenue of Rs.76,000/- . He also produced 7qunitals of wheat from 1 acres of land generating a revenue of Rs.16,000/-. Cumulatively his income enhanced up to Rs.92,000/-in a year and his entire family is very happy with the enhanced production and income.

Paddy Cultivation

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