About Us

Action for Food Production (AFPRO) is an “Organization of National Importance” duly notified by the Government of India; committed to transforming the lives of poor and marginalized communities in rural India since 1966. We provide socio-technical services in the areas of Water, Sanitation, Watershed Management, Climate Resilient Sustainable Agriculture, Livelihood Diversification, and Climate Change for effective management of natural resources. AFPRO is registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI 1860.



The aim of the Society is to empower the rural communities by strengthening their resource base and capabilities through improved knowledge and skills, both in the technical and socio-economic development areas.


To enable the rural poor communities to move towards sustainable development and achieve enhanced socio-economic and personal status in the society through appropriate technologies for the management of natural resources.



AFPRO dedicates itself to alleviating rural poverty, through partnerships, networking, and collaborations with like-minded institutions, with a focus on enabling the marginalized and weaker sections of the society.

Vision & Mission


The 1960s are remembered in the history of India for some of the worst droughts. Geographically, the droughts covered western and central Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra. Here it was meeting the demand of water for drinking and irrigation (food production) that drove the conceptualization and formation of a technical support organisation called AFPRO, an acronym for Action for Food Production. An outcome of a national level consultation, a group of five organisations shaped AFPRO’s formation – Indian Social Institute (ISI), Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS), Catholic Charities India, now known as Caritas India, Committee on Gift Supplies (CORAGS).

AFPRO’S Evolution

AFPRO evolution in phases

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