Our Knowledge Centre

The major focus of AFPRO’s Knowledge Centre  is the dissemination of insights and knowledge generated through programme implementation and impact assessment.. The dissemination of insights and knowledge is primarilythrough publications, networking, press releases, pamphlets and training programmes. AFPRO has  severalmodels of interventions at community level in water, sanitation, agricultural practices, climate change and  energy articles. We undertake collaborative, multi-stakeholder discussion and networking. Our Multi-stakeholder engagement results in sharing of insights and good practices derived from ground experience. This contributes towards shaping effective policies and efficient program implementation.Development and testing of knowledge based tools for planning, implementation and monitoring are being carried out continuously.  Our  capacity buildingprogrammes lead to behavioural change in villages.Webuild skills and capacities of stakeholders across thematic areas.  We have developed various tools such as Standard Operating Procedures for project implementation and impact assessment. On a regular basis, these tools are being updated based on the field experience.

We maintain and keep ourdata related to our focused areas in a centralized form. AFPRO developed innovative techniques and created many successful case studies in its operational areas. Our knowledge centre has collection of  new innovative ideas, success stories and case studies and training modules.

AFPRO has a Library which has a collection of  books, technical papers,  study reports, case studies,  project reports , etc. It aims to disseminate vital information in the areas of agriculture, environment/climate change, natural resource management/ water and soil conservation, fisheries. Target readers are agriculturists, hydro geologists, and water specialists, rural sociologists, civil engineers, accountants and general readers.The library provides variety of web-based services like information search and providing technical guidance, through available resources in a comprehensive way which allows users to build-up their information in their related fields. It plays a very important role in providing information for the execution of different projects.

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