Climate Change Adaptation Measures for promotion of Livelihood of Rural Tribal farmers through agri& allied sector interventions Ongoing

Ongoing Project: 9

Project Title:Better Cotton Initiative

Project background 

The first phase of the project initiated in year 2016 with aim to enhance socio-economic conditions of small and medium farmers by augmenting agricultural yield by developing water resources for providing protective irrigation in agriculture. The project has put its efforts towards direction of “Surface Water Management” which in turn leads to promotion of rural livelihoods through farm sector interventions like promotion of SRI system of paddy cultivation, ensured/protect kharif crops during dry spell of monsoon season, vegetable cultivation through Trellis method, first time Rabi crop initiation, mushroom cultivation etc. Considering the consolidation phase of the project, small impact assessment exercise was carried out.  The statistics of the pre and post- scenario, it can be said that “Rainwater harvesting measures” and “improved agriculture practices” and its allied interventions played a vital role in the enhancement of socio-economic status and engagement of the farmers, apart from environmental concern & ground water recharge as well. After reviewing the overall outcomes of the project, it is decided to expand the horizon of the project in terms of area of the project and sustainability aspects. AFPRO team developed the proposal for second phase for 11 project villages (that is 4 project villages from the 1st phase + 7 new project villages to the adjoining area) to form a cluster of 11 villages for ease operation & as per need and requirement of area.

Focal Area   :Climate Change

Duration      : January, 2020 to December, 2023

Location     :   11 villages of Gurur block, Balod District

States          :  Chattisgarh

Beneficiaries :526 farmers, 630 acres of land

Funding Agency :Edel Give Foundation

Objective of the programme
Major objectives are to enhance the irrigational facilities through water conservation measures in the 11 villages leading to secured/protect kharif crops and initiation of rabi crops for optimizing yield and income of the farmer community; to enhance the production (approx. 25 to 30%) and income (approx. 15 to 20%) of the farmer’s community through climate smart agricultural practices/modern farming technique and it’s allied interventions; to form, nurture and promote “Farmer Producer Organisation (FPO)” business in 4 project villages for Mushroom cultivation and its bi-product, vegetable cultivation, fish farming and black and organic paddy cultivation through establishment of market linkage; to build the capacities of 3739 population through 107 training session and hand holding support under climate smart agricultural practices for better adaptation towards climate change.

Major Interventions
 Renovation of three community pond at Petichua, Hitekasa and Kariyatola village. Construction of  5 farm ponds at Badbhum, Hitekasa, Petichua, Kariyatola and Gotatola village and provided protective irrigation facility for the area of 10 acres of land comprised of 9 farmers during the dry spell of the Kharif season. Construction of Core wall at Hitekasa earthen dam.  It provides protective irrigation facility for the area of 40 acres of land comprised of 32 farmers during the dry spell of the Kharif season. Total 30 Mushroom units (12 old and 18 new units) completed with women group comprised of 150 women from all 11 project villages; promotion and hand holding support for Rabi/Vegetable cultivation-(SWI/Trelis method). Total of 53 farmers are selected for Rabi crop support from all 7 new project villages cultivated wheat, Gram and vegetables(mixed farming) Viz. Pumpkin, Okra, Onion, Cluster Beans, Spinach, Galka etc. in their respective fields. Promotion of Organic farming (cow dung fertilizer, neem pesticide, bio discomposure products). Total 33 farmers from TengnaBarpara, Nahanda, Kosmi and Kaparmeta trained under organic farming.

Impact of the Programme
Renovation of three community pond has enhanced approx. 14734 CuM of additional water storage capacity. It provides the protective irrigation during the dry spell of the Kharif season.Construction of 5 farm ponds has enhanced total water storage capacity of 3900 CuM.Construction of Core wall has enhanced total water storage capacity of 7000 CuM.Total 30 Mushroom units (12 old and 18 new units) comprised of 150 women increases additional source of income for the women farmers and empowers the women groups. Promotion and hand holding support for Rabi/Vegetable cultivation-(SWI/Trelis method)  enhances additional income source for total 53 farmers.Promotion of Organic farming will reduce expenses on chemical fertilizers and pesticides of 33 farmers.

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