AFPRO –Guwahati participated in HUL – trustea partnership in “ Mission HOPE”

    • During the second wave of Covid-19, India faced a severe shortage of O2concentrators and in order to reduce the pressure on the healthcare infrastructure in India, Hindustan Unilever Limited initiated “Mission HOPE” to address this crisis. AFPRO –Guwahati participated in this HUL – trustea partnership in “ Mission HOPE” – 80 nos. of oxygen concentrators have been distributed  by AFPRO , Guwahati, during the pandemic to 41 tea garden hospitals in Assam and West Bengal, 30% of tea gardens in Assam and around 10,000 beneficiaries (STGs and tea workers) in tea gardens.

IDH initiative in getting Small Tea Growers insured

Supported IDH initiative in getting Small Tea Growers insured during COVID 19 in 2020 in Assam and West Bengal.Total no of farmers insured 4920.


Distribution of Precaution kit” packaging work in the Korba District

    • Due to Covid -19 outbreak situation in the Korba District, the district administration declared lockdown in the entire district during April- May, 2021. In this scenario, as per guidance and with prior permission from BALCO CSR team, the entire project team supported “Precaution kit” packaging work followed by distribution of kits in 14 villages, in coordination & support with Balco CSR team during the second wave of Covid-19.

Awareness and sanitization campaign

The project team participated in the Awareness and sanitization campaign in the 14 villages and 16 small slum areas of BALCO


Covid Initiatives under Better Cotton Initiative Project with the support of Reliance Foundation

    • Distribution of 3500 Ration Kits to farmers and workers under the BCI project
    • Distribution of 34000 Safety Mask to farmers and worker under the BCI project
    • Distribution of 8000 Sanitizer Bottles to the farmers and worker under the BCI project

Smallholder Farmer Insurance Program support by IDH-The Sustainable Trade Initiative

The insurance program for small farmers of Cotton and Tea commodities was conceptualized considering impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic situations in rural areas. At the time of insurance process, COVID – 19 cases were increasing rapidly in India and it was envisaged that it might gradually further spread to villages too. The aim of the project is to secure smallholding farmers’ livelihoods by providing them access to income security against effects of natural disasters and ill-health shocks. To cover the farmers under the insurance program, the organization has executed the activities as follows:

  • Collection of farmers Data for enrollment
  • Submission of farmers Data for Insurance Process
  • Service Delivery Process for COVID affected farmers
States No. of farmers enrolled No. of staff enrolled
Assam & West Bengal
Tamil Nadu

Total 28999 small farmers and 242 staffs are covered under Insurance policy.

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