Dr. James Arputharaj Williams


Dr. James Arputharaj Williams is a member of AFPRO Governing Body. He is a Ph.D. in social work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Diploma in International relations in Sweden. He has been a campaigner on Environment, Small Arms, Arms Trade Treaty and spoke at the UN in 2001. Has been working as Country Director for over 18 years in India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and South Sudan with INGOs like People in Need, Free the Slaves,  INTERSOS, OXFAM, MEDA, LWR, Aide et Action. He was consultant to UNICEF and NCCI (National Council of Churches in India), served on the Board of UN Common Humanitarian Fund and is currently working with Premier Urgence International, France as Field Coordinator-Afghanistan. He has published 6 books and contributes articles. He is an institutional builder and a fund raiser.

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