Project Background: A Miyawaki forest is an opportunity to take part in ecosystem restoration. To execute the Miyawaki method for plantations. Malanpur is the modern industrial area in Bhind District near Gwalior. The climate of the district is characterised by a hot summer and general dryness except during the southwestern monsoon with an average rainfall of 668.3 mm. Physio-graphically, a large area of the district forms part of the vast older alluvial plains. The soil generally falls under the broad group of deep alluvial soils. As per ‘India State of Forest Report 2019’, there were zero very dense forest coverage in Bhind district followed by 28.55 sqm moderate dense forest and 78.2 open forest. Realizing the need for the interventions for developing greenery in the villages benefitting the community and environment, it was proposed to adopt Miyawaki Plantation method. Mondelez well appreciated the thought and expressed interest for developing proposal around Miyawaki Plantation which is ideal for growing forests in a shorter period of time unlike naturally-grown forests that may take more than 100 years to grow. These forests are known to be 30 times more dense, grow 10 times faster, have very little maintenance after two to three years of planting them, and don’t require too much space. It is also beneficial in lowering temperature, making soil nutritious, supporting local wildlife and sequestration of carbon.,/p>

Project Objectives:

  • To promote the Miyawaki method of plantation and will serve as model for quick forest development which will encourage local community and other NGOs and CSRs to replicate.
  • To create a quick forest where the green cover.
  • The method acts as a quick sink of carbon dioxide and helps in reducing pollution in the vicinity.
  • To improved Micro climate – drop in the temperature in the vicinity will reduce temperature approximately by -2℃ minimum locally.
  • To reduce sound and noise pollution and formation of windbreakers in the vicinity as a mature forest will give 10decibel of Noise reduction.
  • To enhance Ecology and Biodiversity.


Location: Malanpur, MP

Duration: October 2023 to March 2025

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