Project Background: The prominent disorder in Jharsuguda has its impact on the economic development of the farming community and overall standard of living.  The Followings are the key issues/problems identified in the project villages –

  • Rainfed Agriculture leading to unprotected/unsecured irrigational facilities resulting crop failure or less yield
  • Lack of adequate Irrigational facilities
  • Poor Irrigation coverage of cultivable land under Agriculture practices
  • Agricultural Practices based on high external inputs and higher cost of cultivation.
  • Declining Land Productivity –
  • Lack of technical knowledge on Climate smart agriculture /improved agricultural practices
  • Lack of skill & Technical knowledge on improved Crop management practices

In order to assess the existing situation, the participatory tools like PRA, RRA, FGD, transact walk, topographical survey, Geophysical survey, Village survey, HH survey (on a random sampling basis) etc. were conducted by a multi-disciplinary team member.

To contest the issues/problems, the project interventions have been planned considering need for Water conservation and management, promotion of Modern agriculture techniques, Crop diversification and related capacity building of community-based organisations like VDCs, UGs and FPG etc. Efforts will be made for promotion of rural infrastructure and rural agro enterprises through effective extension and education systems. Through this project, the efforts will be made to reduce the pressure on land and water resources and assure sustainable development of water as a resource to support the modernization of agriculture and strengthen resilience of rural community for overall socio-economic development.

Funding partner: Vedanta Limited Aluminium & Power,

Location: Jharsuguda, Odisha

Duration: June 2023 to June 2024

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