Water Conservation Project in Ludhiana, Punjab

Project background 

This project is being implemented in  Ludhiana district of Punjab with a goal to improve the ground water recharge status of project area through water conservation and rain water harvesting interventions. This project integrates three main project components namely; assessing the water security status of the village, reviving existing and creating new water conservation/harvesting structure to balance the demand and supply side and capacitating farmers/water user groups on use of water through awareness programs.

Objective of the programme:

The major objectives are to assess the water security status of project villages; to increase the ground water level by construction of water harvesting structures ; to enhance general awareness and skills through trainings.

Major Interventions and impact:

Constructed 14 Rooftop Rain water harvesting structures in 10 schools of Ludhiana. Through construction of above structures, 3,205,860 Litres of water are being recharged annually. This has benefitted 6175 students of 10 schools of Ludhiana.

Water and Sanitation

Focal Area         :  Water and Sanitation

Duration             :   April, 2020 to March, 2023

Location              :    30 rural and semi urban areas of Ludhiana District

States                    :  Punjab

Beneficiaries       : Approximately 40,000 households

Funding Agency : United Breweries Limited (UBL)

Water and Sanitation
Water and Sanitation

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