Climate Change Accelerated land-Water bio-diversity degradation and Mitigation Measures and Adaptive Approach for Enhanced Agricultural Production in selected villages, Block and District – Korba, CG

Project background 

The main component of this project is to enhance the water resources of the area and to minimize the vulnerability of climate change effects of the rural communities. The project is focussing on agriculture based livelihood and formation and strengthening of Farmer Producers Organisation.

Objective of the programme:

Major objectives are to  improve the surface water management in and around the 4 targeted villages with the available existing resources: to enhance the irrigational facilities through water conservation measures in the targeted villages leading to secured kharif crops and initiation of rabi crops for optimizing yield: to increase the command area through irrigational facilities and promotion of improved agricultural practices for optimizing production and to reduce the vulnerability of climate change effects.

Major Interventions:

Promoted Rabi crop cultivation in 194 acres of land of 155 farmers in 7 project villages. Regular monitoring of Organic Black rice cultivation fields of 60 acres of land comprised of 52 farmers in the project villages viz., Bela, Bhatgaon and Dondro villages. Monitored SRI cultivation for 415 acres of land and 376 farmers in all 7 project villages and provided support and guidance to farmers. Promoted vegetable cultivation in 51 acres of land benefitting 46 farmers in 5 project villages. Fencing work completed in 43 acres of Land of 40 farmers in 6 project villages under the project. Fencing work in 22 acres benefitting 15 farmers mobilized from Horticulture Department. Various orientation programs for farmers were conducted on FPO functioning and management process in 5 project villages.

Climate Change, Bharat Aluminum Company Ltd. (BALCO)

Funding Agency : Bharat Aluminum Company Ltd. (BALCO)

Duration             :    April,2020 to March, 2024

Location              :    Korba block, Chhattisgarh

Climate Change, Bharat Aluminum Company Ltd. (BALCO)
Climate Change, Bharat Aluminum Company Ltd. (BALCO)

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