Smallholder Productivity Improvement Program (SHPI): Andhra Pradesh, And Kerala

Project Background:

The SHPI project, initiated by MDLZ, is set to take place in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, covering a total area of 1400 hectares. Its inception was driven by several factors, including the observation that farmers in these regions have not been adequately adhering to good agricultural practices (GAPs) such as pruning, manuring, micronutrient spraying, pest and disease management and weeding. This lack of compliance has had a detrimental impact on cocoa crop yields over an extended period.

To address these issues, the SHPI project for the 2024 has been introduced on a pilot basis. The project aims to support various activities, including the implementation of proper pruning techniques, correction of soil pH through dolomite application, provision of necessary nutrients such as NPK, utilization of fungicide for disease control, implementation of biocontrol measures, application of foliar micronutrients, and adoption of new-generation pesticides on the selected farms.

This comprehensive approach is designed to achieve multiple outcomes. Firstly, it aims to improve the cocoa productivity of the selected farms, thereby enhancing the overall yield. Additionally, the project focuses on monitoring and evaluating the performance of the selected farms to ensure effective implementation of the interventions. Furthermore, it aims to contribute to higher incomes for the farmers involved, thereby improving their livelihoods. Lastly, the project seeks to increase cocoa bean procurement for MDLZ, ensuring a sustainable supply chain through loyalty building.

By combining these activities, the SHPI project aspires to create a positive impact on the cocoa industry in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It emphasizes the importance of promoting good agricultural practices, enhancing productivity, and creating economic opportunities for farmers while strengthening the partnership between MDLZ and the farming communities. Moreover, this project will help to motivate the nearby farmers also to adopt better GAP practices based on the expected improvement in the intervention farms.

Project Objectives:

  • To improve cocoa productivity on selected farms in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala states.
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of the selected farms.

Funding partner:  Mondelēz India Foods Private Ltd

Location: Andhra Pradesh and Kerala

Duration: February 2024 December 2025

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